Should You Even Want to Change How You Look?

Should You Even Want to Change How You Look? February 10, 2019Leave a comment

Focusing on how you look isn’t a disservice, unless you think your aesthetics are THE driving force behind your worthiness and all of your happiness

(Liking how you look can add to your happiness. Yes, I said it.)

“I should have different goals”

“I know I shouldn’t be focusing on that”

“I’m not supposed to be worried about what I look like”

Listen, it’s the rare person who doesn’t want to change something(s) about how they look. And even if they say they don’t…they do.

You know what a disservice is? Doing the same things you’ve always done & ending up right back where you started & still expecting change. Or not being consistent. Or being impatient. Or having unrealistic goals. Or deciding you’re done before anything has had a chance to happen. So many of us quit while we’re ahead -right as we’re getting to the shitty parts and so we never get to the other side. (And the other side is reached by going through all of those shitty parts.)

Being made to believe your aesthetic goals aren’t as valid is a disservice. So is anyone who says you’re shallow or ridiculous for wanting to SEE changes just as much, or, maybe even more so, than you want to FEEL them

Strength & performance goals are wonderful, empowering & confidence building. It’s freeing to not ALWAYS be married to specific and often unattainable outcomes. But it’s okay to want to LOOK good just as much as you want to FEEL good. You can have both. One may take a backseat at times in order for you to achieve more progress in the other, & sometimes, training for strength can help you more w/ achieving your aesthetic goals than focusing solely on aesthetics will

So, really, perhaps you need a shift in perspective, not a total abandonment of caring about your appearance

If you ever catch yourself thinking it’s not what you “should” be concerning yourself with, don’t. You aren’t wrong for wanting to change how your body looks. Fuck, you’re not wrong if it’s something you VALUE.

(Yes, I said that too)

Visual progress can get the ball rolling & keep momentum going and aesthetics is an extension of self awareness & self care, not something you “shouldn’t be worried about.”

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