Have big goals? You need a big bank account (sort of)

Have big goals? You need a big bank account (sort of) February 10, 2019Leave a comment

Your fitness and nutrition goals are like having a bank account.

How often you make deposits is up to you, but also dependent on the size of your bills, purchases.

You’ll manage the account differently saving for $20 vs $2000 v $200,000, or when you don’t have a lot going in.

The bigger your purchases, the more attention you need to pay to your balance, the bigger and more frequent your deposits need to be and the longer it’ll take to accrue the money needed. You may often have to say no to things you’d normally buy.

And hey, just because you can afford something doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to buy it

But every deposit – regardless of size – adds to to your reserves

The more in the account, the more of a hit it can take. The more consistent the deposits, the less worried you’ll be about overspending. With less in the account, lots of small purchases add up to BIG balance changes. We all screw up and buy things we wish we hadn’t. But when it happens, you don’t let the account close. You don’t throw out the rest of the money. You get right back to depositing. The good thing is the second you start depositing again, you begin rebuilding your savings.

Those people who seem to be able to make large withdrawals without penalty? They have more to begin with or make larger and more frequent deposits or don’t spend as much or budget better or perhaps don’t have BIG bills or dreams.

Changing your fitness & nutrition is the same.

Everything you do, big and small, adds to your account.Every workout, every rest day, every vegetable. It all adds up. Sometimes you make withdrawals- you eat foods that make you feel like crap, you forget to drink water, you stay up too late. It’s okay. Because you still fill up the account bit by bit. You don’t stop
Your big goals — body composition, fat loss, lifting a certain amount of weight — will require some big deposits. Want the flashy purchases or big ticket items? Have you been saving your money for them? Discretionary income comes from time spent earning and saving and putting in your dues first

Start saving. Save more than you spend. Know you still might screw things up.

Don’t stop, just make another deposit

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